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What Are TAP's Goals?

Our goal is to provide youth and school sports organizations with common sense, and easy to use opioid prevention education materials. The TAP initiative has assisted youth sport organizations with training, messaging, and materials aimed at preventing opioid use and abuse in young athletes by educating parents, coaches, and the athletes themselves on the potential dangers of opioids. Youth sport organizations are a critical component for opioid prevention, and can reach an audience that represents a high risk population for opioid abuse. Our goal is also to encourage you to become an advocate for this initiative, and include it as part of your programs standard messaging. We are not here to offer alternatives; but to tell you viable ones may exist, and may need to be considered to produce the best outcome. We are not here to encourage you to avoid any specific courses of treatment; but for you to be aware of, and carefully measure the risks associated with certain courses of treatment. BE AWARE!


Who Are We?

We are youth sport coaches (our co-coaching founder and daughter/Chief Editor pictured above), doctors, athletic directors, youth sport coordinators, recovering addicts, and many others who are passionate about actively promoting the benefits of participation in youth sports. We have a stake in making sure athletes are safe. We accept the reality that injuries are a part of the landscape of youth sports, and are convinced more can be done to protect athletes from the dangers posed by opioids. We simply ask you to be aware and involved as a parent, a coach, or anyone else who encourages young athletes to play a sport. Know the facts, know the alternatives, know the risks, and BE AWARE!

Tod is a youth sports coach and coordinator for Cape Ann Youth Hockey, and despite his team mates requests, he still plays hockey today. Tod can be reached at

Devon is graduate of Kenyon College where she earned a degree in both English and Film. Devon played soccer for ten years and coached for four. She is passionate about protecting young athletes through the TAP program, and helps to ensure the materials given out to coaches and parents are accurate and clear as can be. To contact Devon with any questions or concerns email her at

Next Steps...

Go to our Downloads/Materials page and see how easy it is to promote pain management awareness. If you are a youth sports coach, if you know a coach or anyone who is responsible for in any way in any youth sports organization; ask them to include our materials on their websites, and include Pain Management Awareness as part of their training curriculum.