When an athlete is injured and requires pain management, be aware and ask questions.

Questions to ask your physician:

  • Does the prescribed medication have addictive side effects?
  • Is there an alternative medication available that poses less risk, or possibly eliminates the risk of addiction?
  • Can non-medication treatments be included to reduce or eliminate the need for pain medication?
  • Is the duration of the prescription consistent with the duration that pain medication will be required?
  • Can the dosage be reduced over time, or adjusted over time?

Considerations for a Parent/Guardian/Athlete:

  • Who will be managing the consumption of the prescribed drug?
  • Will the drug be stored in a manner that prevents accidental or unwarranted access?
  • Will the athlete being prescribed the medication be an active and aware participant throughout the process?
  • Do you know how to properly dispose of the medication if there is any excess?