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To empower high school team captains, student government leaders, and other student body leaders to take an active role in bringing awareness about the dangers of opioid use and abuse to the student body, and create communities of students who will approach opioid prevention by pledging to be active and involved if they become aware of opioid use by any member of the group.

 Make the Pledge!

The majority of opioid prevention messaging is focused on the dangers of opioids, and on the individual. If the statistics of use and abuse are the metric of success, the results with regards to prevention have been disappointing. TAP aims to move from self-focus, to a group, team, or community policing strategy. Messaging from team captains and student leaders can build a sense of community, and initiate a pledge to "protect and act” if any member of the group engages in opioid use outside of a monitored and regulated prescription. Early intervention, and the sense that a community of people are willing to be involved are critical components to successful opioid treatment programs.

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